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Condo liquidation continues...

By now you have likely heard about Onni’s massive condo liquidation. I want to update you on the progress of this very exciting offering. Everyone has been wondering if this liquidation sale is really offering good deals or if it is just a really great marketing effort. The fact is, Onni has sold over 250 homes in 18 days! This is good proof that the deals they are offering are real! I have also confirmed that all homes currently selling are offering at least 25% discounts.

The most recent update I received from the Sales Director of the Mac Bulk program, Cam Good, informed me that there are still upwards of 100 deals left for sale in Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Richmond and New Westminster.


If you have any questions or want to tour any of the properties let me know. I will be happy to get more detailed information for you about price, unit types and size, etc. I do think that this liquidation sale is worth a look especially if you have considered buying a condo in the last couple of years. Based on what I have heard and seen it is a pretty unique opportunity to buy great real estate at discounted prices. 


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Mark Longpre, Realtor