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New York Times goes house hunting in Vancouver

VANCOUVER — The New York Times website features an article today titled House Hunting in Vancouver, which found "low-end houses that need work" cost over $1 million in such Vancouver neighbourhoods as Dunbar and Kits.

The article featured a one-bedroom Gastown loft apartment in a renovated former industrial building, the Alexis, listed for $1.05 million ($996,000 US).

"Vancouver has abundant opportunities for activities like skiing, sailing and golf," the article explained. "The Vancouver International Airport is half an hour from the apartment on the city’s rapid transit system, which was built for the 2010 winter Olympics."

It went on to say that downtown Vancouver condos sell for an average of $800 Cdn a square foot ($752 US) but can reach up to $2,500 Cdn a square foot in Coal Harbour.

The story quoted a Vancouver real estate agent who said the slight dip in demand for downtown condos was "a slight correction rather than a downturn."

According to the newspaper's International Real Estate section, for less money than the Gastown condo ($930,000 US) , you could buy a 5,000 square foot home built in 1905 with seven bedrooms and four baths in Louisville, Kentucky.

Or you could buy a 2,430-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-and-a-half baths home in Hawi, Hawaii for $938,000, which works out to $386 US a square foot.

The Hawaii home is on a three-acre property with coconut palm trees, avocado trees, pineapples, an herb garden, cherries, tangerines, oranges and papaya. There’s also a hot tub and an outdoor shower.

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